Advice from an Aggie – Recent Observations While on Vacation

Observation Number 1: Kiss cam at a ballgame; it’s clear what is expected. Grab your date, wife, or even one who will let you get away with it and lay a good kiss on them. It’s fun to see and shows the other some nice affection. However, at the Shamu show at Sea World, it’s a time to show how foolish one can be. Let’s pretend you baby is an air guitar during the air guitar competition, dance like an idiot, pull your shirt off and swing it around, or just turn and moon 5000 people. Don’t worry, we don’t know you and won’t tell your family. I guess what happens at Sea World stays at Sea World. At least let’s hope so!

Observation Number 2: What do you do when you’re on vacation at Schlitterbahn and forgot to pack your swimsuit? You convince yourself your underwear could pass for a new style swimsuit and you go to Schlitterbahn! Psst, you’re not fooling anyone!

Observation Number 3: Though we have our full share of barefoot and PJ wearing shoppers, I do acknowledge we are fortunate to have a friendly customer base. Though we cannot always be the cheapest in the area, we do strive to be as competitive with each and every item we stock. Not only do we provide a wide selection of goods for your projects, weekly, we try to add to our inventory and have what you need. And in turn help you save time and fuel costs, saving you a trip to the big box store.

It is because we feel so fortunate to be here and have such nice customers that we do some of the things we do in our community. This fall and winter is a good example. Though too early to talk about, Christmas Eve at the Hardware Store will be a “do-again”. You’ll want to be a part of the first ever Wildlife Expo at Eagle Hardware. Mark your calendars and RSVP now for September 12! Read more about it below with more detail to follow. Too, Eagle Hardware is hosting a mammogram unit on October 26. You’ll find more information on it below as well.

With all that being said, thank you! Thank you for shopping at Eagle Hardware. I hope to see you soon and it’s good to be home!