advice from an aggieLet me think… Has it really been a couple of years now?  Wow! It has.  Yep, two years now since I was talked into penning some of my random thoughts.  I know and you’re thinking, yea and two years since we’ve been reading your randomness.  My hope and intent has always been to impart to you great words of wisdom, hearty helps and super sweet nuggets of advice to make your life more pleasurable.  I have to say, it has been affirming as many of you have come in and said something to let me know you are reading my words.  Points to those of you who’ve tried to use it to your advantage for a few dollars off! HA, keep trying.

So now get ready for this.  Since I have, now, so effectively mastered the art of “blogging”, I have decided to up my penmanship and creative crass and share with the world my words of wisdom with which I am so endowed. (Cough…cough…whiz…WHATEVER!)  I have decided to write a book.  That’s right, your eyes have read correctly.  And I am sure your excitement right now is almost uncontainable!  In fact, I am so convinced this is the right thing to do and my assured success, not only am I taking pre-orders, I am also even now planning how I will spend my first million from what I’ll earn.  I’ve even started to practice how to sign my name for all the book signing events to which I will be invited.

So maybe I need a reality check.  OK so “maybe” nothing, I do need a reality check!  No, no book deal yet but I do know what my topic would be should I ever.  Want to hear what it would be?  Sure you do.  It would be about having fun in life.  Here’s why.  As so many of you come and go through the doors of Eagle Hardware I have noticed something.  Those who seem to be enjoying life the most are also the ones out there having the most fun.  I know I am not in the art of psychoanalyzing everyone but it just strikes me, there is a difference.  There is such a contrast when one comes in, gets their stuff and leaves vs. one coming in, laughing, enjoying the day to get the same very part as the first.  You know it.  It is much more enjoyable to be around someone laughing, smiling, seeming to enjoy life.

With that said, here is my advice for you this month, go have some fun this fall.  If you are not in the habit of relaxing a little, do! Oh and how limitless the options are for funness (Not a word, I know).  Isn’t this time of the year wonderful?  The weather is perfect to be outdoors.  In fact, just think of the things that go on during the fall that all beg our time to slow down and enjoy.  The turning of the trees, a cool evening outside, an early morning dove hunt, getting ready for deer season, feeding the cows when it’s not 100 degrees out. Oh how the list goes on.

Even here at Eagle Hardware the upcoming month we will highlight two events that will sure to be entertaining.  The first is the State Fair of Texas.  I am so thrilled to have so many customers that not only attend but participate in the fair’s competitions as well.  Be sure to pay attention to Facebook as we will give away a packet of tickets.  Then on November 1st, Eagle Hardware will host the Hunt Regional Medical Center Mobile Mammogram. Though that may not constitute fun, what will be going on in the store will be.  We plan on making the day fun as we celebrate breast cancer awareness!  Side note:  please please, if you have not had a mammogram and are of the age you should, please read below how you can take advantage of the unit’s presence next month.

So as many of us took the ALS ice bucket challenge, here’s my challenge to you. Go! Go have some fun this month and let’s so who can be the most creative at it.  Who knows, I’m  sure there’s a prize for the winner.

Off to continue practicing my autograph. See you next time.