aggieAt the onset, I must apologize.  There is no doubt I will offend you this month.  In fact, were my mother still with us, I’m sure she’d want to wash my mouth out with soap.  Or since this is in print, make me scrub my fingers extra hard.  See, she did that every time she caught us using “potty” language.  Though I never possessed a sailor’s mouth, there were always a few forbidden words that would slip out for which we’d have to eat soap.  (Huh, I guess she’d be in trouble if she did that these days.  Wait, that’s another blog…) This month’s blog topic is nothing but pure potty talk.  Though you won’t find me picking a side, I do ponder these things.  So please forgive me but do, read on.

Though I pride myself in extra clean bathrooms, as of recent, there has been much more to say about public restrooms than the quality of toilet paper or its cleanliness.  Yes, the bathroom at Eagle Hardware stays clean.  That is a must.  There is nothing worse than using a dirty restroom.  Though I may not be OCD, I am picky about our bathroom.  I’m sure you appreciate that.  And though we may not have triple-ply extra extra pillow soft tissue, we certainly don’t offer newspaper either.  But the cleanliness of how we keep our bathroom at Eagle has so little to do with what I wish to share this evening.

You know where I’m heading…

It is not that I don’t get the debate or care about the debate; it is just that I find myself amazed at how much time and energy folks put into issues as such.  On one side, there are those who are of the opinion gender based bathrooms are offensive and on the other, there needs to be only gender natural bathrooms.  Wow, how did I ever make it in life without pondering which bathroom to enter?  But again, before you start a petition to boycott Eagle Hardware, understand, I am not picking on the two sides this evening; I am only pondering the potty debate.  Maybe what pricked my potty pondering was when I went to read about the death of Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV in Iraq, I found more about those boycotting Target than about this young man who gave his life so that we could even have such debates to begin with.  None the less, I had to began grabbling with the issue.

Maybe it is because we have only one bathroom and there’s not much room for debate.  (Pun so intended.) Or maybe because I feel obligated to have a more positive outlook on the things I can control and make a difference on which I choose to focus.  So hats off to those who choose to expend their energies on the potty parity debate in the United States but as for me at Eagle Hardware, I hope you’ll be OK if I don’t hang a sign on the door or pass an ordinance one way or the other.  Shoot, I’m just happy to have customers that choose to walk in our door, shop with us and ask if we have a bathroom.

So in conclusion, as you continue to read about, hear about, see picket lines and the such, do a favor for me, simply ask, What is important to me at this moment?  And then go act upon it.  I’ll bet the answer to that question will have more to do with loved ones, your family, friends and greater things in life than where one needs to potty. Which brings me back to Keating.  WOW!!!! So as much as I’ve read about the aforementioned debate, hear me say, my heart goes out to his family.  And though they may never read this, “Thank you!”  Thank you for the sacrifice of your son so that I may do what I do and others may debate what they do. His life did matter.