advice from an aggieThough for many of you the aroma of love may be in the air in the coming weeks, here at Eagle Hardware the aroma we offer is certainly better (Though that may be arguable). And though you may hear the sweet whispers from the one you love, the sounds emanating from Eagle Hardware will warm your heart even more so. I can already see the line forming, each of you wanting to take something home that will keep giving and giving and giving. In fact, on average, it will give you one a day. I better order more! Those cute, adorable, fluffy two footed baby chicks. Each one of them can’t wait to lay a big ‘ol fat (and healthy – high in Omega 3) egg for you! Yep, that’s right, the little love chicks are in the incubator even now as I brighten your world today with my witty (and wise) words.

In a mere four weeks, an avalanche of the apiary kind will delicately descend upon Eagle Hardware and thus launch us into the fun of spring. Well, actually they will come in a cardboard box but who’s getting technical? I know, it’s cold out. “Risinger, are you out of your mind? You can’t be speaking of spring when it is still 35 degrees out!!!! You’re nutso?” I am not, but then again, I did just confirm an order of almost 1000 chicks today. Maybe my sanity does need to be checked. But at the same time, the reality of a new year reaches far beyond the forgotten resolutions of last month. Crazy, I know, to think about it, but this is the time to begin thinking about our many spring activities. It is also time to begin thinking about the many workshops we have planned this year at the store that coincide with those activities.

You will read more about it down below but last year’s Chick workshop was a tremendous success and we already look forward to it next month. But even before we host that, we’ll host our Second Annual Ladies Night Out. This year we are excited to have back Mardi Allen as our featured speaker and yours truly to help learn more about what’s what up here and the difference between clear PVC primer and purple primer. Important stuff. Ladies, be sure to reserve your spot soon. The evening promises to be enjoyable. As the workshops are announced, please be sure to sign up early and reserve your spot. They aren’t just helpful, they’re fun!

So I leave you know with thoughts of fluffy feathered creatures serenading you love songs coaxing you to take them home “Pick me! Pick Me!”, much like an itty bitty feathered Lenny Kravits or a Katy Perry can. Go on, plan now to take some home and let your new babies help you “fly” into spring. And if you don’t want to launch into spring with a bird, you sure can with a bunch of onions or potatoes; time to plant them now too! Crazy to think of the spring things we need to be doing in February. Texas, go figure.