potholesThis evening is a monumental night.  Long in coming and so much back and forth, I thought the decision would never come.  However, I realize that even as I pen my ponderings, the long awaited decision has been made.  The voices of various newsreporters are babbling the news of what you already know in my background.  I don’t know about you and how you went about your decision but each time, it’s a struggle for me.  Both continue to be good considerations.  Both have been the mainstays for years in the perspective camps.  To me, quite honestly, I could have one or the other.  But at the end of the day, a decision has to be made.  This is where I confess my fondness for the traditional.  Please don’t judge.  Please don’t hold it against me.  Ready?  Though trends come and go, turkey never will.

Yes, yes, this year it must be turkey again on my Thanksgiving meal dinner plate.  Though ham will be present, it will be marginalized by the tradition of turkey.  Though I contemplated the conspires Mr. Piglet, in the end tradition triumphed.  I know I can hear it now. Risinger, you dingbat. Why can’t you just get to the point of your blog and stop chasing the turkey (or rabbit during other seasons of the year).  Well, to you I say, I don’t know.  I just like doing it so.

But here’s the thing.  In three weeks we celebrate one of the most traditional celebrations in our country’s history, Thanksgiving.  Maybe it is because I found myself pondering the phenomenal privilege I exercised today as I voted that I pen what I pen tonight.  Yes, Fox News is reporting the emanate direction we all face the next four years but I find myself still stuck!

Stuck thinking about what I got to do today.  I got to vote for the next president of the United States!  Pause… Wow, that’s a biggie.  However, what’s even bigger than that, was what allowed me to do so.  See, the way I figure it, I got to vote today because so many before me stood for the right we all exercised today.  In fact, I know it would be safe to say, some even gave their life so we could do what we got to do today.  And Boom!  Therein lies my pondering’s progression to conclusion! Here me say, I am thankful for all those before me who gave so much so I could stand in the rain for a bit and mark in my little box for who I hoped would lead our great country the next four years.  Am I proud to be an American?  You better believe it.  BUT I am even more thankful of the sacrifices of so many that I can be that pound American.

So to your Thanksgiving Task I conclude…

This year, as you sit down to enjoy your winning meat selection (or succulent greens for you Vegetarians out there), please don’t miss the opportunity to express your appreciation.  Yes, for the chance that you have to “choose” but also for so much more!  Don’t just think it, say it.  Say, “thank you”.  Gosh we have so much to be thankful for yet I fear we don’t express our appreciation enough for these (I’ll say it) blessings.  Not just the “things” we have but the many meaningful relationships and opportunities with which we are blessed.  And yes, let me say this too, all stemming for the big man upstairs.  So as you enjoy your meal and between the football games, conversations with family and friends, and maybe Black Friday strategizing, please take the opportunity to give thanks.  Give thanks with a grateful heart.

And as you do, know that I continue to be thankful for you.  I know that I know, we wouldn’t be here were it not for your choice to shop at Eagle.  So hear me say, thank you!  You are appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving and America, let’s make Thanksgiving thankful again! …I had to say it.