aggieYou should ask them, you really should. I think they’d laugh as they told you.  Come to think of it, maybe not.  Don’t.  I’m sure were you to do so, they would be quickly reminded of the tortuous dad they had (and still do I might add)!  See, each one of them had to endure the same scary routine as babies and my children.  But hey, each time they were clearly warned.  Just as much as I love to be scared, I love to scare!  There is something about the hair on the back of your neck standing up and one feeling your heart pound in your chest.  So why wouldn’t I want my young children to experience that?  But remember, they were warned.

“Are you ready?  I’m going to scare you now.  I’m going to count to three and then say, ‘boo’ OK?” And so it would go and so would they JUMP!  I never could figure out why, even after the fair warning, they would jump.  Oh but to hear them squeal afterwards made it all worth it.

And so what does that have to do with anything this month?  Well, you see, the other day I was excited about the coolness in the air and made my way to the container we have back behind the store.  In it is where the steel scarecrow hibernates during the winter, spring and summer.  He needed to come out and enjoy the fall with us, get cleaned up and be ready to greet you as you visit Eagle Hardware.  Oh and introduce him to his new friends, the steel chickens, goats, cows and pumpkins that he gets to hang out with these next few weeks.  So as I was getting him out, I thought of the fun of fall and all that goes with it.  OH WAIT…. Fall=Football and this year has started off well for the Aggies but not to jinx them…. WHOOP! Enough said.

This is where I was going…  Have you heard what is trending to the top again as some of the most sought after costumes this year? And let me say now, YAY!  Police and Firemen costumes are OUTSELLING Minions (Still don’t know what those are.), Luke Skywalker (I do him.), and some rap singer who sings a song about a whip and a horse’s neigh (Help please!).  That makes me happy.  With such a summer of our folks who live their lives to PROTECT us getting such scrutiny, I’m so pleased to see the efforts of many who extend thanks and overtures of appreciation to our public safety servants.  Even here, at Eagle Hardware, I could not even begin to count how many firemen and police officers walk in our doors.

So complements to you guys!  You who make a career out of keeping us safe!  May you feel appreciated as you risk so much to do what you do.  I thank you!  And knowing you who read this, probably feel the same way.  So why don’t you join me in saying, thanks, the next time you see one of our public safety servants… Just cause.

See you soon!