potholesThere are probably a whole host of words that we could do without hearing, “take a number, we’ll be with you shortly” or “Please be advised our menu options have changed…” or “All of our customer service agents are busy with other callers…” or “Due to severe weather in the area, the game has been delayed.”  Even as I amuse myself with my list, I know I have struck a chord with you.  If you have not come up with a few of your own, you must now admit you are in the minority.

Recently I heard a few words that I have not heard often in my life but when I have, it hasn’t been pretty.  This week hasn’t been pretty.  It started off as a little scratchy throat, then a cough and then, boom, my voice was gone.  Poof!!!!! Just like that, the booming handsome Shawn Risinger radio talk show host voice was silenced.   There wasn’t even a squeak.  It was just a mumbled mish mash of whispered words.  Horrible to hear and even more horrible to deal with when the waterline out front was severed and you needed my help in telling you how to fix it (Sorry Kelly)!  But oh the exhausting, draining, miserable feeling at the end of a day like that.  My allergies were kicking my booty and I desperately needed drugs, a pill, a shot, a something to sooth my misery.  And then I heard those words, “It just needs to run it’s course.”  What? Huh? Nothing? Nada? Walk away empty handed? No trip to CVS? AHHHHHH! Run its course my hinny. Something, give me something. But I got nothing.  But even this evening as my allergies “run it’s course”, I’m not so much thinking about my cough as I am about the men and women who serve to protect us day in and day out.

Here’s what I’m talking about.  See, it is easy to get caught up in the “I don’t feel well today. What can you do to make me feel better?” attitude of life.  It’s the kind of selfishness we sometimes are good at exuding.  Then something crazy happens and our priorities are reshuffled.  9-11, Columbine, Sandy Hook, the nightclub in Orlando, the killing of the police officers in Dallas, Bosier City, and on and on the list goes. STOP before you think I’m going to say something about gun control this and political party that, I am not.  I have no desire to influence you one way or the other.  Most of you have your mind pretty much made up on matters as such.  But what I do want to harp on is this, how come we have to wait for something tragic to happen before we appreciate others?  Others as in family, friends, neighbors, police officers, firefighters, etc?  These men and women matter all the time!  They are out there serving you and me and poot!, we should not have to wait on something tragic to happen before we express our appreciation.

I have so enjoyed the words and stories of strangers walking up to policemen and praying for them, buying them lunch, and offering words of encouragement.  YAY but can you do something for me? NO, for them?  In several weeks with the news has died down some, can you still do that?  Can you still offer them words of encouragement, lunch, prayers and the like?  I think they would appreciate it.

So that is your task this month.  Please find a way to express your appreciation to someone who is protecting you even as you may not know their name.  Job? Nope, I don’t think protecting the public in any capacity is just a job.  I firmly believe it is a calling!

I’ll do my part, you do your’s.

Thank you to all who serve!