As I begin, let me say one thing at the onset, I loved my mom dearly and do miss her.  However, I can honestly admit one thing that drove me nuts about her was the one thing she made us do right before we ate dinner on Thanksgiving afternoon.  You know the routine; family and friends arrive after the house has been cleaned top to bottom and the front porch swept off.  The football game is on and the smell of lunch is lingering EVERYWHERE.  For me it was the smell of the Greenberg turkey from Tyler and my grandmother’s chocolate pie that pushed me over the edge each year.  I couldn’t wait to eat dinner and was often caught NOT waiting.  Yep, I’d always talk my grandmother into allowing me to cut a small slice of her pie and eat it before dinner.  Her request was always the same, “go so nobody sees you”. Maw Maw, you were the best!  By the time everyone was there and the food on the table, everyone was ready.  I knew my duty was to ask God to bless it but it was what mom did before I could begin that drove me mad.  In fact, I recall a number of years my tummy rumbling as she begin, “Before we pray, I want everyone to go around the table to say one thing for what they are thankful.”  Even as the family grew with in-laws and grandchildren, tradition was tradition.  So dinner would be delayed and we’d all take our turn and share.  Now so many years later, maybe mom wasn’t so nutso after all.  In fact, as the years do go on, I am more and more convinced she was spot on with her reminder.

Thanksgiving dinner is all about that great long tummy rumbling pause before we eat.  There is not greater moment in our lives to stop and listen as when we are about to eat one of the most looked forward to meals of the year.  How fitting it is that we stop and be reminded for the many things we are blessed with.  We have so much to be thankful for.  And so now, Risinger family far and wide (allow me to speak to them for a moment) start your thinking now.  You’ll be asked and we’ll pause before we pray.  You know the question, “For what are you thankful?”

This year do something not so much for me but for you, right before you sit down to eat that wonderfully prepared meal, pause.  Think.  Maybe vocalize it.  For what are you thankful?  Name at least one thing for which you are thankful.  As I write this note this evening, hear me say, I am thankful for much.  Blessed to have such wonderful customers.  Blessed to have a loving family.  Blessed to have good friends.  Blessed to live where we do.  Blessed, simply blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving and see you soon.

PS – We are closed Thanksgiving Day!