aggieHave you ever noticed something I have?  I bet you have but have never put much thought to it.  But yet again I find myself pondering pointless things that end up making me just a little bit more resolute to keep doing things a certain way.  Well, you’ll see what I mean in a bit.  Let me share with you my particular ponderings.

I’ve heard being mimicked is a good thing.  A nice lady once told me that somebody mimicking the actions of another is the greatest form of flattery.  My inside wanted to scoff a tad and the words, “isn’t mimicking a fancy way of saying, copy catting”?  Oops those words just slipped right out.  But it’s true, all good things get copied.  With good things come knock-off, imitations, and fakes.  Look at the craziness of it in New York alone.  Street vendors with their wares laid out, showing, selling all fakes!  Gee whiz, there are even hidden doors in some shops where knock-off purses and handbags are sold.  It is a multi-million dollar business.  But it isn’t just fancy hand purses and handbags.  You have:  watches, movies, toys, shoes, golf clubs, and the list is endless.  I’m still looking for my Scooby Doo lunch box I once had.  That thing was the best.  I’m sure it was copied like mad back in “our” day.

Imitations, or counterfeit, as my FBI agent tells me, the official name of these fine fakes are called, sometime borderline the lunacy.  Can you guess what this product was as it popped up in China?  I think someone needs to practice their English a little bit more.  “Arm and Hatchet” look and baked the same, just the name was WRONG let alone scary.

Think of how imitators of art and the very good ones fool even the best of experts at times.  One German painter sold his forgeries for well over 3 million each!  I think I missed my calling.  All this and we haven’t even touched on the green stuff in our pockets.  Did you hear of the man in Canada who got away with passing off over 2 million dollars worth of 20 dollar bills?  Wonder what ever happened to that last 2,000,020 dollars?

And get this, imitations are not just limited to “things”.  People are imitated all the time.  YouTube is full of imitators.  Heck, some of the greatest comedians are imitators.  However side note (not to offend you Kardashian fans), but when a guy starts to imitate a gal, I begin to ponder the piracy of sexes.

So here’s what I think…  Here’s where the rubber meets the road.  Eagle Hardware is proud that we are who we are.  We are thrilled that we are where we are too.  We continue to be blessed by your patronage and are ever thankful for our growing customer base.   So glad that we are unique, different, and not a big box.  AND even more so that YOU respect that and have come to appreciate it as well.  It made me happy when Bill came in with his new faucet he bought at the big blue store for help.  He knew we’d help and we did.  It was a win-win-win.  What’s the third win?  Oh that would be his wife, she was happy to have water in the kitchen again.

Thank you.  Thank you for allowing us to be us and encouraging us to stick around.  We plan on it.  Oh and the next time you’re in, check out Sally’s new dog collar.  You would never know it is an imitation Rolex Rover Collar.  See you soon!