It wasn’t much here.  Many didn’t know it even happened.  Oh, I guess it might have made a paper or two.  But I’d be willing to wager a bag of horse feed that not that many knew January 1, 2002 a new currency came into being.  Though the Euro came onto the market scene in 1999, citizens didn’t start carrying it until 2002.  Upon Arriving in Europe years earlier, it was the norm to have little bags of different currency for each country one would travel in.  I did the same.  The hype as the currency came out was how easy it would be for the citizen to travel from country to country and not be burden with bags or chapped with the currency change fees.  As much as the hype FOR the change, there seemed to be much more against it.  As an expat (that’s what you call an American living overseas), it really didn’t matter to me but it did to them.  Change was hard.  From the older generation who wrestled with the conversion to the young having to get used to learning something new, change wasn’t coming easily.  But Europe a decade ago is played out every day for every one of us.  Some of us like change, most do not.

Now before you jump to an assumption Eagle Hardware is about to undergo some major “change” and this is the way I am breaking the news, breathe, we are not.  Did I mention I don’t like change?  In fact, I am pretty routine about much of my life.  Don’t you dare interrupt my order as I get ready in the morning (the coffee must come first) or I’m off all day.  Or move stuff around in the store, I don’t do well.  But the inevitable is, change exists.  I know, most is good.  In fact I hear it often as folks walk in the door here.  Many make comments as to the improvements we continue to make to the store.  The entrances, the new barn, shoot even the bathroom has had its transformation.

I say all that to bring me to make you aware of two new “changes” at Eagle Hardware.  The first is the obvious, the new barn.  Over the years we have worked to bring in merchandise and products we hear you need.  One continues to be lumber.  You have asked, we have built a barn, and are now stocking lumber.  No lumber+change=Lumber.  What we are bringing in are your basics: 2x4x10s, 2x6x10s, 4x4s, plywood, etc.  We won’t be a full line lumber yard but we’ll sure be here when you need lumber for your next small project.  And of course if you have larger projects, just let us know and we’ll get in what you need.  One more thing in that barn, sheet metal.

Then there’s Impact!  The Horseman’s Edge feed line has been a mainstay in Purina’s horse feed line for years.  But change must happen in the feed world as well.  Therefore Purina has redesigned and rebranded Horseman’s Edge into Purina Impact.  Impact is the same quality feed HE has been and is, just with a much fresher bag and modern name.  Horseman’s Edge+change=Purina Impact.  Eagle is proud to stock many of the new Purina Impact horse feeds. Stop in and take a look!

Change.  For all the aggravation it may mean to some, change can be good.  And here at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch, if you see change, it won’t be because we are bored.  We are doing what we can to be a better farm and ranch store for you.  See you soon!