aggieAs I continue to scratch out 2015, and change it to 2016, on the way too many checks I write, I am slowing coming to grips with the fact that another new year is here.  I have decided I can age and celebrate my birthdays with seamlessness but I get way too stuck in tossing my old calendar and replacing it with a new one.  It is not that I am sentimental or anything OR that I don’t like throwing away MY calendar that many of YOU decide to write YOUR birthdays down in.  I think I’m beginning to show signs of my age.  Holy cow I am…let’s see I was born in ‘68 so how many years old does that make me?  And I think I’m beginning to drag my feet at change.  Just the other day a customer didn’t recognize me because I had grayed since he saw me last. Huh?  He didn’t get a discount that day. Somehow as we get older change seems to get just a little bit more challenging.

But in all fairness to me, my reluctance to change is mirrored by yours.  None of us like change that much but we all seem to adapt to it as best we can in varying degrees.  And therein lies my New Year’s resolution.  Though I should try to do a whole host of things that many of you could come up for me to list as my top five New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to just have one.  I have decided and pledge to you to be more open to change and embrace it a little more.  Steps are underway as we speak. Whoa wait, before I get the cart before the horse….let me catch my breath.  Just the fact that I am embracing change is a big step.  I better do that before I announce a major shift in anything I currently do.  Panic attack averted.

But in all fairness to you, my desire to see more change will be greater opportunities for us both.  In the future look to see strides in what we do around here at Eagle and what you might see in the community as well.  For as I see it and I am sure you’ve heard Eagle Hardware isn’t just about selling you stuff, it is also about making a positive difference in our community.  Am I running for office?  Heck no!  I’m helping run Eagle Hardware and the team that I am blessed to work among.  Will you see new stuff and new space here, you sure will.  Will we all be excited about it, I sure hope so.  Will I gray even more, duh!  But I’m excited about 2015….scratch that…2016 and look forward to you growing with us!

Have a super start to a great new year and I look forward to seeing you soon!