With the mark of Memorial Day behind us, let the summer fun begin!  Eagle Hardware has what you need to make this year’s summer even more enjoyable.  Have a gas grill?  We have propane.  Have a swimming pool?  We have pool supplies.  Have a lawn and garden?  We have lawn equipment.  Have snakes? We have repellants.

Then there’s the inevitable question, have grasshoppers?  Yep, it is that time of year.  I have already heard it asked multiple times.  “I have grasshoppers.  What can I do?”  This year’s weather patterns has brewed the perfect storm for the little leaf eating monster.  Grasshoppers will eat just about anything and can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your lawn.  Eagle Hardware has multiple options to fight these little critters.  From a total organic approach with Nolo Bait to an effective insecticide route via Tempo, we have it.  A $20 bag of Nolo bait will treat an acre lot effectively.  While a $20 bottle of Tempo will treat an acre as well, Tempo is a super safe insecticide for indoor home use as well.

So if grilling is on your afternoon plan or grasshopper hunting, stop by today and let us equip you with what you need to enjoy your summer.

In closing, let me say, “thank you”.  I know I always try to be mindful of expressing my appreciation when customers are in the store but allow me to say it here as well.  I know you have a choice where to shop and that you choose to shop at Eagle Hardware is deeply appreciated.  We are here to help and serve you.  Please do not ever hesitate to call and ask.  We consider it a privilege to be here for our community.