As I was mowing the lawn this afternoon it dawned on me. Now I don’t mean to brag (well, kinda I do) but I did it!!! In fact, I did it big-time! What I set out to do 21 years ago, I saw come to fruition yesterday. For 21 years I toiled, worked hard, shelled out lots of cash for it, planned for it, dream about it, prayed etc. And it finally happened. I nailed it! In fact, I nailed it so good, I should take a picture of her and post it on Pintrest with the caption, “Nailed it”. Now that’s assuming I would know how to do such a thing, but since I don’t, you get to read about it the next couple of paragraphs.

If you are a parent, you know what I’m talking about. For years we work hard, hope and pray that our kids turn out good. We strive to do our very best and provide as much as we can so our children succeed. I am so thankful that I can honestly say, Bethany has turn out good. I am so proud of her. Now I know you’re thinking, Risinger, we are all proud of our kids. Who is not? True but when several milestones in life fall in place within days of each other, maybe it just makes this dad a little more proud.

It started last weekend. You probably saw the hundred or so cars at the store last Saturday around 5:00 pm. No, we didn’t have a rush on barbed wire or a sale on underwater basket weaving material, there was a wedding here. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me first tell you what happened the day before. Bethany has completed her course work at East Texas Baptist University and has been student teaching. As part of her requirement to get a teaching certificate, she must take a comprehensive competency test. As we were getting ready for the wedding on Friday, Bethany comes bouncing in the store to announce she had passed her test. YAY! Then a few hours later she gets a call from a principal in Tyler to come for an interview. Knowing it would throw the rehersal late, she took off for the interview. Within ten minutes of the conclusion of her interview, she was calling her daddy to inform him she had been offered the job. Bethany with job=removal from Risinger payroll!!!!!

So she gets married! Did I tell you it was in The Barn at Eagle Hardware? You should have seen it (I’m sure you can. I’ve been told Facebook has a few pictures.), it was awesome. How fitting that she marry in the place that has provided for her the last few years of her life surrounded by family and friends. Will Hill, you are a lucky boy to have this precious little girl as your wife. And we are lucky to have you as our son-in-law. The wedding was great. We laughed, we cried a little and even danced the infamous daddy-daughter dance. Whew, I made it through it!

Which leads me to yesterday. You’d think one weekend to get test results, a job and getting married was enough to be thankful for and I am sure she is but get this. Not only did she have all the fun of last week, yesterday she actually graduated from ETBU cum laude. Now that’s a big deal too.

I wish I could say, “thank you” as you share your accolades on my success but let me save you the effort. This child has done an exceptional job over the years. Yes, her mother and I have provided a framework for her to work from, but more credit needs to be give to her. She’s worked hard and has made her daddy very very proud. I love that child and am thrill to see what a difference in other’s lives she will make in years to come.

PS – Guess what? I get to do it all over again in less than a month with Andrew. And guess what again? You’ll probably hear about that precious child too.