aggieIt is this time of the year two legged creatures start running around a little bit more than usual. You have the two legged feather type, literally, running for their lives, ducking here, running there, just running like made to hide. The two legged owner of the white feathered kind is running to buy feed to fatten up the poor creature. And then there is pretty much everyone else running around getting ready for the big day. And oh how we love the big day! Thanksgiving!!!!! It is the one day of the year when we get the free pass to eat tons, do nothing, play, hunt, watch football (Go Aggies!!) and be as useless as possible. But, before I get totally sidetracked on my utter uselessness of the day and what the day COULD turn into, let me stop, pause, and linger on the whole reason we celebrate Thanksgiving. No elementary school lesson reminder of the pilgrims and Indians, nope, just a simple clear reminder to take time to be thankful. Please don’t let the food on your fork supersede the accolades of appreciation the big boy upstairs deserves. Yes, I know you work hard for what you have, most of us do. But still! Stop. Pause. Be thankful. In fact, let’s all do something. Let’s take that napkin that we’ll be using and use it first to make a list. Why don’t we all list at least three things for which we are thankful. I think it would do us all good!

In the meantime, know that on my list will be you. Yes, I am thankful for you. I know I probably say it often but I also know I probably do not say it often enough. Without you, this would just be another metal building in Union Valley along Highway 276. You keep us here and we like that. Thank you.

In my appreciation, I thought I’d, too, tell you we’ll be here and open Friday, November 27 after Thanksgiving. So as many of you are out Black Friday-ing it, stop by here going or coming for some coffee, hot chocolate or snacks that we’ll have out. I’m sure as the winter sets in and folks are off work, our open doors will be welcome to some. And we are happy to help!

Remember, put that fork down. Pick up that pen and napkin and write three things. We all can come up with at least three.
Happy Thanksgiving!